In the fall of 2016 I decided to build a greenhouse on a southern facing wall of one of the pole barns at our family farm. I didn’t document this nearly as well as the cabin, but still learned a good deal throughout the process.

00 Rough cedar 4”x4”s and 4”x6” were used for their rot-resistance

01 All framed up, unfortunately you can’t see the 2-foot tall cinderblock walls that are below ground

02 Shot from the other side with 2” rigid foamboard peaking out of the ground to help insulate the greenhouse

03 Added some glass

04 Made a little more progress

05 With the outside complete, I needed to take down some old wood fence and repurpose it inside of the greenhouse

06 A collection of well-aged poplar fence boards

07 Kali decided to run around in the snow while I was working

08 Luckily it was 75° inside of the greenhouse (repurposed fence boards featured along the back wall)

09 Inside of the greenhouse on a nice winter afternoon

10 Went ahead and built a potting table with my dad

11 Shelves along the back wall with a heating pad for the sprouts

12 A small fountain helps pull some heat out of the ground and makes a nice sound

13 The finished product